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to blog or not to blog…. that is the question

Girlie Goodbye Dinner

Girlie Goodbye Dinner

still haven’t decided……

a lot of people have asked me if i’m going to do a blog for my argentine adventure and it is something i have been debating since i booked the trip…. on the one hand it appears to be to be an incredibly self indulgent thing to do… on the other hand its a fantastic way of keeping track of my travels without having to carry round a notebook and pen, and if people want to see what i’m up to, then it’s their choice, i don’t have to clog up e:mail inboxes with round robin e:mails..  

i figured that if i have my profile on facebook (something i still have a love/hate relationship with).. then this is just the next step

so i suppose the answer to the question is…. yes….  i should do a blog… or at least give it a go and see how long i keep it up for, given that my maximum attention span for anything is about three days, and i struggle with commitment of any kind, this might just help me discipline myself a bit

so the last few days have been spent running around doing last minute things, buying stuff that i might or might not need for the trip…  i am such a backpacking virgin, i haven’t got a bloody clue…

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  1. Lilian

    You go girl !!!!! have a great trip!! Enjoy !! Live life to the MAX !!!! Big hug….Lilian

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