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Buzzing in Buenos Aires

…  don’t know whether it was all the coffee i was drinking to keep me awake after landing at 05:00… but Buenos Aires does have a real buzz and bustle about the place..

have only explored the immediate area so far, i was so tired yesterday i just went out and got cash, sorted out a mobile phone and got my bearings a bit..

i’m staying in a fun little hostal called ‘the art factory’ which is on the edge of the san telmo district, it’s extremely funky with all the rooms and the walls throughout painted by different artists… each room having a theme… check out the link 

they organize all sorts of activities and last night there was a barbecue on the terrace… great way to meet fellow travellers  and get some good travel tips about best places to visit…  on the agenda today is a tango class (i’m only watching though) ..  and hopefully tomorrow off to see a ‘milonga’.. where the locals go and dance tango…

and for the more girly of my friends, i will most definitely be putting in a visit to the ‘Evita’ museum…  gotta see all those dresses and shoes!!!


  1. Susie

    Sounds great! I think I went to the extremely touristy Viejo Almacen to see tango, another dingy “authentic” place I’d never remember the name of, was alot better… here lots of zoo and nephew. xx

  2. Erica

    Hey! Great hostel – look like fun and not at all dingy. I’m beginning to think I am going to collect alot of great information for when I decide to travel in South America!!

  3. Deigo

    We’ve just got back from 5 days in the chilean Patagonia, not far from where Verity is/was in last post. Absolutely beautiful! The weather changes literally in 10mins but when the sun comes out and wind dies down the views are breathtaking. You feel like you’re at some outpost on the edge of the world. Remember to try “cordero al palo” Verity (lamb on a spit) and lots of wine but then you dont need reminding about the wine, for sure. Take the hike for 5 hours to the Torres del Paine, well worth it and we saw a massive PUMA on the trail which checked us out but went on his way, thankfully. Yikes!

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