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San Telmo to Palermo

buenos aires - recoleta

buenos aires - recoleta

…….thursday was spent walking and walking.. from one side of the city to the other. I’d been over to Palermo district the day before on the bus, but I think you see so much more when you just wander from one place to the next. One thing that strikes me about Buenos Aires is that in one block you can have several different periods of architecture. Quite literally a 19th century building sat in between concrete block from the 70’s and something more art deco… check out the pic… and it seems to be like that pretty much everywhere you go in the centre.. from San Telmo to Recoleta.

…..checked out the Evita museum which was good, but lacking in the outfit department from a girly point of view…..whatever your opinion is on this woman, she truly was an icon of the 20th century and the level of adulation of the argentine working classes was mind blowing….the museum is a tribute to her (extremely short) life and puts a very heavy emphasis on everything she did for the basic rights of the elderly, the poor and the orphans and also her contribution to womens rights, but i was left wanting more… she was such a controversial figure of her time and continues to be so judging by the reaction some of the locals when i mentioned my visit to the museum……… she was also absolutely tiny going by the clothes that were on display … but what an amazing force and presence she had when you see the old archive footage of her.

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