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….. blimey it's brass monkeys!!!


sunrise over the beagle channel

sunrise over the beagle channel

… arriving in Ushuaia it was freezing cold, blustery wind, pissing with rain, foggy and quite frankly rather miserable and my first thoughts were ‘oh my god what am I going to do here for the next three days….’ closely followed by…’shit, my clothes aren’t up to this…’ the truth is packing for this trip was a nightmare because the weather is so different from north to south, and I thought i’d got it more or less right by bringing lots of layers, but judging by the fact that i look like a Michelin man but my arse is still frozen, i still have a lot to learn….. the good thing about Ushuaia is that its full of shops selling ‘technical’ clothes that rustle when you walk… I think the more they rustle the better and more expensive they are… so I’m off later to find some techno trousers which do a slightly better job than the ridiculously expensive ‘all weather’ (so long as you live somewhere warm and dry) ones that I bought before leaving madrid.

…. thankfully not long after I arrived the sky cleared long enough for me to wander into town and get my bearings… it’s a bizzarre little outpost with some very twee little buildings and people who drive VERY FAST which is really bizarre because there is pretty much nowhere to rush to…

….and when i got up this morning it was clear i was treated to the most stunning sunrise over the beagle channel… (there are no beagles in the beagle channel and the bastard penguins buggered off for warmer climes before i got here….). . the place is stunning, the scenery breathtaking and the weather has subsequently been changing on an hourly basis …. when i went up to the glacier I got caught in a bit of a blizzard… (hence the frozen arse)… and at the moment I am holed up in a nice mountain refuge having a sup of the local microbrew before meandering the 7kms back into town…. I could get a taxi but i just want to enjoy the view for as long as possibe so that it etches itself on my memory (the photos dont do it justice) because i don’t know whether i will ever get the opportunity to come back here…..


  1. Mike

    Great travel writing! Sure you weren’t a journo in a previous life? Keep the blog going!

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