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… don’t mention the war…

…..most of the last two blogs i wrote on the plane on the way to Ushuaia to upload later…. (i’m just loving the itouch!!) and i just thought i would add as a footnote the conversation i had with the taxi driver on the way to the airport… who was a Falklands war veteran…(i didn’t mention the war….. he did) who had been shot and held prisoner by English troops in the war…… uh oh i thought … this could be a very uncomfortable 40 minutes … but no, this guy had nothing but praise for his captors and said he received better treatment from them that he did from his own army… and at the end of the day there was this sense of comraderie, that none of them really wanted to be there as they were all just pawns in a much bigger game…. made me think… war doesn’t really work like that these days…. he then went on to tell me about the massive apples that grow in the rio negro region that weigh in at more than 2kg and can only be used for cider production because nobody wants to eat a 2kg apple. ….quite how we got from the Falklands war to 2kg apples i’m not quite sure but it was quite possibly one of the most interesting taxi rides i’ve ever had…!!

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