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'La Bombonera'

101_0458…… rounded off thursday spectacularly with a trip to ‘La Bombonera’ .. the Boca Juniors stadium and a 3-1 homeside win against Guarani from Paraguay in the Libertadores cup… essentially the Latin American equivalent to the champions league…. the atmosphere was amazing, absolutely electric… and the stadium literally shakes as the fans jump up and down going wild….goals from Palermo, Palacio and a penalty from Riquelme.

….some Boca trivia coming up…. for those who aren’t football geeks…!!! big are Boca they managed to convince Coca Cola to do their advertising hoardings in black and white because the strip of their biggest rivals River Plate is red and white….

…..the Boca strip used to be black and white but there was another team in the city with a black and white strip….so to settle on the new club strip they decided that they would use the colours of the flag of the next ship that sailed into port…. it was a Swedish ship.. hence the blue and yellow strip.

….the ultra fanatic fan ‘club’ is called ‘jugador 12’ or ‘player 12’ and if i manage to upload pics of the match you’ll see them in the crowd. ….

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  1. Susie

    Boca rock, I followed them for quite a while. The Bombonera can be pretty scary, it almost moves when it’s full.

    In footie news, Champions’ league winner plays the Libertadores winner at the end of the year in the Intercontinentual. Boca beat AC Milan in Tokyo in 2003. Oh, and Tevez, now in Man U, was a Boca player and his was the highest ever transfer in Lat Am when he moved to Brazil!

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