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…. naval gazing….

… so today started with a technical disaster.. when the iPod touch seized up… which means no blog updates on the go… no skype, no instant messaging… no music.. which means…….. i’m going to have to talk to people…. oh noooooooo!!

… actually i’ve been meeting some very nice people along the way who i will write about soon….

…so i was supposed to be sailing up the beagle channel today but the appalling weather put paid to that… instead i found myself whiling away a good couple of hours in the Maritime Museum…. which made me cry… quite possibly not the normal reaction one would expect…

Cutty Sark

scale model of the cutty sark

… there is a simple explanation, Ushuaia reminds me tremendously of the west coast of scotland where as a kid we used to go on sailing holidays….  dad being a nautical man it was the norm… so here i am surrounded by weirdly familiar scenery,  looking at all sorts of nautical memorabilia … model ships, charts, maps… etc and i’m eight years old again…  (still as geeky .. slightly better glasses and a fringe cut by a proper haidresser, not my mum….).. and i just came over all emotional… blubbed all the way through 17th century shipping through the magellan straits before composing myself…  i just really wished my dad could have been there to enjoy it with me… saved him the pamphlet so i can send it to him…..

…  so when you are next passing through Ushuaia (like you do….)  i do recommend the Maritime Museum… it’s housed in the old prison building (Ushuaia was a penal colony) and it is really interesting…..

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