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Perito Moreno

view from the walkways

perito moreno view from the walkways

…… so yesterday i headed out of Ushuaia and on to El Calafate, gateway to the ‘Parque Nacional de los Glacieres’… home to some stunning scenery and the Perito Moreno glacier….

…. now if a landscape could be described as offensively beautiful, then Perito Moreno screams profanities from the moment it comes into view… it’s really is an awesome sight to behold… the sheer size of it is something that is very difficult to get your head round… it is 60 metres high, 5kms across and 30kms long.. which makes you feel VERY VERY small…

… it’s a noisy old thing too, there are constant sounds of gunfire as the ice creaks and cracks… and then all of a sudden there will be a huge explosion as a chunk of ice breaks off and it goes crashing into the water…. it’s almost impossible to get a picture of this happening because by the time you hear the explosion it’s already too late…

… i spent about four hours enjoying the views of the glacier … from a boat and then from the walkways in front of it… the colours are stunning, the most intense shades of blue you can imagine… and contrasted with the autumnal reds and oranges and yellows… it really is a breathtaking sight that the photos really cannot do justice to…

… the town of El Calafate is another curious outpost… the main street is tree lined and full of twee little shops selling authentic artesanal stuff, chocolate and more clothes that rustle.. go back three streets and you are onto dirt track and no streetlights.. the town has grown fourfold in the last five years, from 5,000 inhabitants in 2003 to 20,000 now… and it continues to grow rapidly to cater for the boom in tourism in the region…

it’s a curious tale.. which kinda goes full circle….up until recently the area was predominantly farmland with lots of sheep which catered to the wool trade… with the development of technical hiking and outdoor gear, ‘Goretex’ and clothes that rustle (… i think i have just about exhausted that one), the demand for wool went down so the locals had to look for other means of survival.. and many have survived simply because of the rise of tourism in the region…. so although they lost a living from wool, the very people who stopped buying wool based hiking wear are actually keeping them in business by coming to visit the region… there’s a roundness to that story which is quite pleasing..

perito moreno from 6kms away

perito moreno from 6kms away


  1. Lilian

    Hey girl, it looks amazing !!! I am happy you created this blog !!!! Enjoy !!! Hasta pronto…xxxxx

  2. sally burnell

    Wow! your photo’s look stunning. Obviously made all the stress and anxiety before your trip worthwhile. Maybe you should consider travel writing as your next career move?!

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