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….. the right trousers…

shipwreck in ushuaia bay

shipwreck in ushuaia bay

…. i am now way up there with the best on the rustleometer…..walking back to the hostel from the museum i took advantage of the fact that the shops had finally opened… (a rainy Easter Sunday in Ushuaia really is quite dismal…!!) … i now look like a walking advert for North Face and i’m a hell of a lot warmer and drier…  i really was looking like a very sad little drowned rat in my 14 layers of clothing and a windstopper that had stopped stopping wind (and rain) a long time ago…


i have to thank Patrick and Shona who i met at the hostal, two hardcore hikers from Glasgow… it was them who steered me away from all this fancy pants soft shell stuff that costs a bomb, (but is low on the rustle factor.. and is apparently only for pretend hikers)…., and pointed me in the direction of good basic waterproof stuff…  i knew i was talking to an expert when Patrick started talking about hiking in the Cairngorms like we would talk about a nice walk round the park` ‘ach it’s fine there…. ye nah at any point yer only aboot three and a half  hoors from the nearest refuge….  ach nooo problem….’

.. that’s my last attempt at writing with a scottish accent… but before i close this post i have to put in an anecdote involving a french accent…

… on my first morning in Ushuaia i went up to internet room in the hostal and found myself talking to Fitzgerald, a slightly startled looking young guy from Paris… turned out that poor old Fitz was stuck in Ushuaia because he had had his Visa card stolen in Buenos Aires (he had it in the knee pocket of his combat trousers…. i’m saying nothing)…and was waiting for a new one… we engaged in the usual conversation about where we were going and he declared that he wouldn’t be spending much time around the Andes …  because.. and these were his exact words … ‘… i ‘ave ze Alps back ‘ome…’

made me smile……

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