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….Cerro Fitzroy



still optimistic at this point

still optimistic at this point

… the whole point of going to El Chalten is to hike round the Fitzroy range… which towers majestically above the village…’Cerro Fitzroy’ being the tallest and most impressive peak of them all….  but i wouldn’t know… i spent all day looking for it but it spent the whole day hiding behind clouds…

 … when i woke up it was blowing a hooley, but it was clearer than the day before so i decided to take the 7km hike up to lake capri where you are supposed to get the best views… it is a beautiful walk through woods and over streams but you don’t get the views ’til you are almost at the lake because you are coming up the side of another smaller peak that sits in front… and it’s only at the end when you come into a clearing that you are treated to the sight of the Fitzroy and Torre peaks… or my case lots of clouds…… i hung around for as long as i could, sat staring at the view while eating my apple… willing the clouds to move.. but it just wasn’t happening… so deciding that no view was worth hypothermia or frostbite i headed back down to the village for a glass of the exceptionally good microbrew..

… thankfully i wasn’t alone in my disappointment…  i was able to drown my sorrows over dinner with Robert and Connor … a father and son combo from Santa Fe – New Mexico (who both…. spoke…. really… kinda… slowly… and …..deliberately.. which only made me speak faster) who had arrived and were leaving at the same time as me…. 

…. as we drove away from the village this morning it was a completely clear blue sky and the peaks soared majestically over the village……it was like being the loosing contestant in a game show… there they were shouting mockingly …. ‘hey.. have a look at what you could have won…!!’

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