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…. Puerto Natales


typical street - puerto natales

typical street - puerto natales

 …. so I’ve crossed the border into chile and I’ve found myself in Puerto Natales a different kind of outpost altogether…. whereas Calafate and Chalten could take advantage of their newness to create a chocolate box picture postcard setting, Puerto Natales is clearly of an earlier ‘needs must’, rough and ready school of architecture…. although there are one or two buildings nodding at an attempted air of grandeur, for the large part we are talking about squat houses and corrugated iron cladding… but I kinda like that…. it’s all very rugged and honest… not pretending to be anything that it’s not…… it is the Yorkshireman of outposts without shadow of a doubt…..

 …. the town is gateway to the Torres del Paine National Park … and more amazing scenery…..and also the start and finish point of the Navimag ferry which navigates its’ way through the Chilean fjords up to Puerto Montt.  I was thinking of catching the ferry so that i could just then cross back over the Andes to Bariloche, however after talking to a couple who had tried just that I decided against it… they after four days had only got to the halfway point before having to turn back because of bad weather … so they spent eight days getting nowhere……

….I’m writing this in a very cozy homely local pizza/pasta place where everyone sits at a long refectory style table to eat… I was told it was a place where the locals go but at the moment I am surrounded by a bunch gap yearers trying to out travel each other… and talking about what they are going to ‘major’ in….so I have zoned out to write this…

puerto natales - last hope sound

puerto natales - last hope sound


….. and I have just licked the bowl clean (well almost) of the most amazing fresher than fresh lasagne I have ever tasted… all washed down with the local beer…..quite simply delicious… and i’m not normally a foodie, but that was something else….I think I’m going to stay here forever… I was VERY hungry after the long bus ride from calafate..

….also had a bit of a false start with the hostal I had booked, it was, in a word…. minging….. and it had great reviews on the hostal bookers site… so I took myself off to the one Shona and Patrick had recommended to me and it’s just fine…..

…. tomorrow I’m having a bit of a kickback day… before hitting the park the day after…..I feel like I’ve been rushing from one place to another, need a day for domestic stuff and plan the next bit of my trip….

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