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…. the iPod touch lives again….!!

…  the touch is back up and running again (hurrahhhhh!!) … all thanks Marcos (who put a lot of emphasis on the ‘O’ when he told me his name…)… a very nice young man from anywheresville USA (didn’t get that far) who was based in El Chalten while writing his PHD dissertation on conservational anthropology…. he did explain … and I did understand but trying to summarize here would take too long… anyway I  spotted Marcos (or rather i spotted his MacBook) when I decided to have a post hike coffee in what became my local coffee shop for the 48hours I was in El Chalten

… now as my touch was frozen on a screen saying connect to iTunes, marcos’s macbook was quite possibly going to be the lifeline I needed …… so skipping the whole ‘where you been? where you going next?’ conversation… I dove straight in there and asked if he would mind restoring my factory settings…. i’m quite sure he has never heard an opener like that before!!!  long story short, the factory reset didn’t work so we just tried a basic sync (appreciate that all technophobes and non Mac users will have navigated away from the page by now) …… it was while our apples were doing their thing he told me all about what he was doing there… he seemed a very earnest young man……   anyway It worked!!!! i have my ipod back along with 4GB of Marcos’s music and none of mine… the only way we could fix the problem was by wiping out the contents of my iPod but that’s fine…. i’m listening to ‘The Joshua Tree’ for the first time in a thousand years and some music is better than no music at all…..

and by the looks of things i have all the functionality i had before.. sorted…. and if it seizes again i just have to find a mac user….and i could spend the whole trip listening to everyone elses music….   marvellous!!! 

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