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…gastronomic delights

….well I thought things couldn’t get much better after my lovely lasagne but i have just about rendered myself immobile with the dinner i have just eaten…. it started with the most delicious fresh out of the oven mini bread rolls.. and even though bread plays havoc with my stomach i just couldn’t resist… they were melt in the mouth… and then i had the most simple of dishes… grilled hake with fine herbs but it was done to perfection… all washed down with a perfectly acceptable house white (i am no wine buff by any stretch of the imagination but even i know when something isn’t half bad)….

…. my first impression of chile (or certainly this region) is that it has much more to offer gastronomically than Argentina… something Diego alluded to in a comment on one of my posts..

…. granted in Argentina you can almost go blind on all the excellent meat you can eat.. and there is an abundance of pizzas and pasta and ice cream… and the breakfast pastries are very sweet… but i was getting to the point where i thought scurvy may be setting in….. i have never craved greens so much in my life and i now make sure i have a constant suppy of apples (granny smiths are sweeter here)… i’m also making a point of trying to eat where the locals eat… the places are generally more spit ‘n sawdust but the food is without doubt better and cheaper… much better people watching opportunities too and i get much better treatment in these places… i think it’s the lone female traveller thing… the locals take me under their wing and look after me…. which is lovely!!


  1. Jackie

    Dolly- we’re loving the blog and sharing the adventure. Who knew this trip would turn you into a foodie! Keep ’em coming and keep safe. Jx

  2. Libba

    Just got to read your blog Verity. Nice to know you’ve really moved on from Heinz sausages and beans! As for the rest – Eat your heart out Kate Aidie!! Love Libba

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