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Torres del Paine …… day 2


Los Cuernos

Los Cuernos

the intrepid explorers

the intrepid explorers

….. my original plan was to spend a couple of nights in the Torres del Paine park but after the abysmal weather on the first day and forecasts that it wasn’t going to get any better i decided to keep my options open on day 2… sinead and chris had pretty much the same plan… unfortunately you are governed by the shuttle services that are available for getting into, out of and around the park… so we decided our best option was to take a shuttle bus further into the park which then gave us the option to catch a catamaran across the lake giving us a birdseye view of ‘los cuernos’ (the horns – another part of the Torres del Paine range which look like…. horns) and from there we could decide whether to stay or go from the bus that left the park from the catamaran….

… we weren’t alone in our decision… we were joined on the shuttle by Joe ‘le frenchman’ (an exceptionally nice Parisian….. they do exist!!!) and Ross ‘ryebread’ (that was only one of the three nicknames he has been given over the last couple of days… one of them being unprintable.. maybe one day i will have time to explain…) from Queensland… they too had had a similar idea to us…

…. when we set off in the bus towards the lake the sun was shining and we were actually feeling quite optimistic…. but the clouds were looming ominously and by the time we got off at the catamaran stop it had started to rain ….. again…. and ten minutes later it was proper scooby doo rain ….. we were huddled by a little house on the lakeside trying to shelter from the rain with an hour to kill before the lake crossing…. Ross watched telly through the window… while Joe le Frenchman made a couple of brave attempts to set out walking but was beaten back by the driving rain…. unperturbed he decided to have a little snack and proceeded to whip out some bread and paté from his rucksack … shrugged his shoulders and said.. ‘i am frainch .. what do you expect ..? i ‘ave to ‘ave my paté!!’…

… in the end only sinead, chris and i got the catamaran and despite being ridiculously expensive (more than two nights in a dorm room hostel)… it was worth it as we got a whole two minutes view of ‘los cuernos’ before they disappeared behind clouds again….. slightly shrouded in mist which made them look quite mystical… but amazing all the same… but i got to see them… kind of… one day i will come back.. .. hike the full circuit and see it all in good weather… and i will post some pictures shortly… when i get a better connection…. in the meantime you’ll just have to click on the link under ‘amazing sights’….

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