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….Santiago de Chile…. car parks and star spotting

…. so when people ask me what i got up to in Santiago… i can quite honestly reply that i spent some of the time looking at car parks… it’s all in a days’ work for Diego and as he had a couple of work colleagues over they were checking out the parking systems of the competition in Santiago…  i now know that barcoded tickets are much more reliable than the ones with magnetic strips…. and lots of other useful facts about car parking systems….

… thankfully that wasn’t all we got up to…. apart from sampling the nightlife of all the hip happening places in town (wouldn’t expect anything less of Mr Sánchez), on saturday we also made a visit to Santiago’s general market, the main event being the HUGE central fish market, a veritable feast of stalls selling every type of fish and shellfish you can imagine… with tiny restaurants hustling for your business so you can sample the fare…

fish market - santiago

fish market - santiago

…. for lunch we picked a tiny upstairs restaurant that looked down on the market below, extremely basic but with only a couple of cockroaches crawling the walls….   the food was excellent…..  but this paled into insignificance when the owner came over to introduce us to another Spanish customer …. the extremely famous (well in Spain and Latin America anyway…) crooner Sergio Delama ..

i’d never actually heard of him but Diego and Gerardo assured me that this was quite a BIG DEAL… so we made sure we got the starstruck foto opportunity with him at the end of the meal…

star spotting - famous one is second from right

star spotting - famous one is second from right

after which he was mobbed by the rest of the clientele and it took him another half an hour to get out of the restaurant…..


  1. Monica Willmott

    Thanks a million for your mail giving us a chance to read your travelog. We had been pretty nervous about your adventure and being far away to help if necessary. Fortunately no help was needed, except to push away obstructing naughty clouds. Ronnie has not been able to get me away from the extremely entertaining reading, you really have a knack to express yourself for your readers to get the full picture! All the best – Monica

  2. larebeinargentina

    OK, OK, I know… i got his name wrong…. it’s Sergio Dalma

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