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Santiago…. spin classes and bus travel

… in Chile you really do see two extemes of wealth with very little in terms of a middle ground… and in the last week i have pretty much seen both extremes……we are not talking abject poverty (although i’m sure it exists here) but Chile appears to be a poorer country than its’ neighbour on the other side of the andes… 

….it was noticeable in the south where there is very little central heating in public places and the hostels were chilly to say the least… also in the shops… selling furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in your granny’s house and shapeless fashionless clothes… other shops that doubled up as travel agents/internet cafes/any old tat for sale…. a taxi driver in Punta Arenas, who was also a bar man, odd job man… and i’m quite sure if we had asked him to organize a scuba diving trip he would have done…. just to earn an extra peso or two…

….. and then in the last 48 hours i have seen the other side, visiting a modern shopping mall full of designer names …. sweating it out in a spin class in Santiago with Diego and Gerardo in a very fancy gym in Santiago’s (if not Chile’s) most exclusive neighbourhood… later followed with a nice lunch nearby……  

… now i find myself  in a bus station waiting for my connection to take me back into argentina… and once again i’m seeing the poorer side….  having spent the last 12 hours on an overnight bus from Santiago i have learned a couple of things about long distance bus travel

1. not all bus companies are the same, check a couple out first before buying your ‘pasaje’…..  i think i picked quite possibly the most minging one and i can’t wait to jump into a shower.. sadly that won’t be for at least another 7 hours….

2. you don’t need a window seat on an overnight bus journey (DOH!!!) … never good having to climb over your happily slumbering neighbour

3. find out where the toilet is located on the bus and get a seat AS FAR AWAY from it as possible and then don’t drink anything for the second half of your journey… your skin may suffer temporarily but you can rehydrate to your hearts content when you reach your destination…..


  1. Susie

    Hey! Not too sure Chile is poorer– re the toilets, Tara and I had a terrible 10 hour train journey next to the Worst Toilet in the World. You speak the Truth!
    Loving the blog!

  2. Susie

    Sorry got that wrong, not to sure Argentina is poorer.. Duh!

  3. Diego

    it’s Sergio DALMA no delama actually and if you were anybody in spain in the 90s for sure you’d have danced to “bailar pegados” as he croaked it out. keep spinning verity, dont give up cos some argentine wants to teach you a thing or 2…

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