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….. the road to bariloche

… well I have to say the second leg of the journey to bariloche was infinitely more comfortable than the first….. and my tiredness and frazzled nerves soon melted away as we made the crossing into the argentine lake district… and my eyes started to hurt…. in a good way

….. i really do think i am going to run out of superlatives/adjectives/analogies for the scenery i’m seeing on this trip….well before i climb aboard the homeward flight…..if perito moreno obscenely shouted profanities .. and torres del paine arrogantly strutted their stuff (i think i forgot to include that one …. probably because I barely saw them….) then the lake district is soul soothingly beautiful.. and I’ve only seen a tiny bit so far…

Lake Nahuel Huapi

Lake Nahuel Huapi


……bariloche is the region’s capital and it sits on the shoreline of the prettily named Nahuel Huapi Lake in the national park of the same name… the town itself is touristy without being overtly so.. (except perhaps for the main street)… its a proper town that has gradually established itself as an adventurers paradise…. it has its picture postcard moments without being overly chocolate boxy…. but the lake and the surrounding mountains dominate the scene… and I don’t think I could ever ever tire of looking at them…

….. after all the rushing around for the first three weeks i plan to spend a fair bit of time in this region … this is my ‘holiday within a holiday’…. and i will hopefully be indulging my mountain biking habit as much as I can…. starting tomorrow….


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  1. Libba

    Don’t think you’ve used “OARSUM” or “INSPIRATIONAL” !!!!!!!!!!! yet

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