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…. Hostel highs and lows

….. i have decided that i really am a fake backpacker… i’m really struggling with the whole dorm room thing…. well… the concept is fine… you share a room with a bunch of complete strangers and pay peanuts for the pleasure… but i cant really get my head round it ……i think ive just got too set in my ways and I’m not very good at sharing my space….

… of the 30 odd (and some have been VERY odd!!!).. nights I have been here so far I have only managed eight in a dorm…. and four of those nights I had the dorm to myself…. quite pathetic really… but whilst I’m still within my (very fluid) budget I’m keeping it that way….

….i’m also a complete failure on the whole ‘cooking in’ thing too….. heaven knows why i thought i might start cooking on this trip… if I’ve got this far without learning how to stick more than two ingredients together and make something tasty (apart from my splendid shepherds pie)… then why on earth am I going to start now??? … so the food budget is constantly being revised too… thankfully the hostels sometimes put on curries and barbecues which are infinitely cheaper than eating out… so I take full advantage of those…. also find that looking sad and sorry in the kitchen means some people take pity on you……

….. on a high note what I have discovered is that if you hire a car to explore the local area and see more in less time without having to rely on the public transport schedule.. etc… everyone wants to be your friend/come with you… thus reducing costs considerably…. and they are prepared to fit in with you because you have organized everything…it’s fantastic!!!!

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  1. Mike

    Honey, you and cooking will always no more than the casualist of casual acquaintances!

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