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….all aboard the bingo bus!!!

…. so I finally waved goodbye to Bariloche…. in the end i didn’t stay as long as originally planned in the lake district and i only got to see a small part of what i wanted to see…but the distances and logistics are such that you have to start being ruthlessly selective about what you do go and see… and it was time to move on…. i still have so much ground to cover and i’m already halfway through my trip…

….. so Sunday afternoon saw me hopping aboard the bus once more for the 19 hour hack to Mendoza…. only it wasn’t really a hack at all…. the overnight long distance buses, so long as you choose the right company … and the right kind of seat, (that’s the lesson I learned the hard way in Chile) really are something else. These big luxury double deckers make National Express look like a company run by Rodney and Delboy Trotter. To give you an idea there are three different classes but all buses depending on route and time of departure only have two types…. those that have 1st class (for which you pay about 8€ more on a 20 hour trip) only have six seats downstairs… and they fully recline.

…for the journey to Mendoza I had to slum it in the cheap seats upstairs… which meant my (extremely wide and comfortable with full leg support) seat didn’t quite fully recline! The first couple of hours I divided between watching the last bit of awesome lake district scenery before it turned monotonous Patagonian scrub … but even that’s pretty when the sun is setting… and a daft Disney adventure film…..

… once the sun had gone down i was faced with the dilema of what to do next .. blog/read a book/consult lonely planet for mendoza activities/listen to any one of the three albums of Marcos’ music that i like …. i had to make one of those trivial decisions that always paralyze me…. (deciding to spend two months hacking round Argentina was incredibly easy compared to this one….!)  however i was saved from making such an important decision by something  which for me up until that point had only been an urban myth…. we played bingo!!!!

…. i didn’t win… still had two numbers left, but… if you will excuse the pun… i ‘ticked the box’…. i have now ‘done’ the bingo bus in argentina…

… after that it was all incredibly easy… we were served dinner .. (hot and with wine).. i fell asleep for a while… god bless my inflatable pillow – you can laugh but it is indispensable for long journeys… (cuts down the dribble/fly catching factor).. and i woke up in mendoza… wine capital of Argentina!!!!

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  1. Roger

    Have been reading the blogs, can’t wait for the hard back, just need a bit more detail and description!

    Sounds like you are having an incredible time, not sure how relaxing, maybe you’ll need a holiday when you get back.

    Thinking of you while bored in the office, you made a good decision.

    Keep enjoying and have a large glass of Argentinian red for me.

    Take care

    Lv R xx

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