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…. beautiful bariloche


biking in bariloche

biking in bariloche

…. i was worrying that i was starting to overdose on the stunning scenery… i’ve been in a kind of delerium that has rendered me speechless for the last few days… (and let’s face it for me to be speechless it really has to be something seriuos)… i’ve had a horrendous case of blog writers block… but today it started raining (i’m obviously more inspired in bad weather) and the verbal vomit is about to start again…

 ….. after a day of getting my bearings… (but not managing to find the main street…DOH!!!) .. i spent a morning climbing up and beyond ‘cerro otto’.. one peaks on the outskirts of town… in the company of Pablo the mad mountain biking guide… who, when he wasn’t trying to sell me more and more guided tours  (…i think business was slow) was very informative about bariloche and its surrounding area….    

… he explained why the trees have weird beardy stuff hanging from them like silly string… (its because of the fresh mountain air)… about the nazis who decamped to bariloche for a better life after the second world war… (Cerro Otto is named after one of them…)  and then proceeded to give me lots of mountain biking tips that are the complete opposite of everything i have ever been told…. so now i’m just confused (he claimed to be an ex downhill champion)…  i couldn’t fault his enthusiasm or energy.. he certainly kept me entertained for the day.. but given that fred flintstone and barney rubble clearly have cornered the market in mountain bike hire in patagonia, after a descent that was so bumpy that my teeth almost came loose and my eyelashes hurt… i decided against doing any more biking here…

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