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…. el bolson and cerro piltriquitron

.. sunrise road to el bolsón

.. sunrise road to el bolsón

… Friday I headed out with ollie and ellie (no joke!!!..) to ‘el bolson’ the trippy dippy hippy paradise two hours south of bariloche … its a painfully twee little town sat in an idyllic valley riddled with artesanal shops selling hand/home made everything… apparently the hippies started arriving there in the seventies, declared it a nuclear free zone and ecological municipality and they have been knitting their houses there ever since..

….we didn’t get the chance to see the local fare (apart from sampling a very weird paella) as it was a public holiday… our mission was to climb up the wickedly named cerro piltriquitron… (pronounced pil-trikky-tron) so after getting up at stupid o clock in the morning in the hope we might get to see the sunrise above the clouds… getting lost on the way out of bariloche, driving through clouds on winding roads and testing the hired Corsas off roading capabilities to get to the start of the hike we actually got to see an impressive sunrise en route… and it didn’t matter that we didn’t get to see it from the peak because the views we got more than made up for it…

 … but the highlight of the climb (aside from the views and more silly string bearded trees) had to be the ‘bosque tallado’ …. the carved forest… at some point the wood whittlers club of el bolson must have got seriously stoned because it ocurred to them to hack it up to the top of the mountain with their toolboxes and start carving into the dead tree trunks… the result is an incredibly eclectic collection of carvings and sculptures (some meticulously detailed… others using much more artistic license) growing out of the forest and looking over the valley…. bosque tallado

… once we had .. quite literally ‘tripped’ our way around the sculptures we made it up to the refuge for a well earned coffee and home made ‘alfajores’ ..(sweet argentine breakfast bisciuity things)… before making ìt back to the car and the painfully slow and bumpy ride back down to tarmac…. for the record it took over an hour to do the 10kms to the main road… i will never look at a Corsa in the same light again!!!

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  1. Mike

    “and they have been knitting their houses there ever since…” Genius writing!

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