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….. Mendoza…. the wineries to do the vineyards I had two options… a bike tour round some middle of the road vineyards.. or a tailor made guided tour (in a car) around four of the better ones… so as i am a complete bike snob and didn’t fancy another bone rattling experience.. I opted to do the posh tour with a couple of girls I had met along the way…

.. arty farty pic of wine bottles...

.. arty farty pic of wine bottles...

…. can i be forgiven for saying that the highlight of my tríp to Mendoza … or rather… the main purpose of my trip… wasn’t visiting vineyards….. it was getting to see (albeit from way low down) Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Andes and in fact the Americas… but as the saying goes….. when in Rome…


…. now as everybody knows I like my wine but I will never be a wine buff (it’s a bit like me and cooking)… I’d like to think I learned something in the four tours that I did… but I have to admit that by the third one I was glazing over (and it wasn’t the alcohol…) with all the talk of aromas/types of oak barrel/number of fermentations and my tongue was numb with tasting…

…. for the record my favourite was a 2007 Ruca Malen Petit Verdot.. 12 months in oak (85% French, 15% American) with a further 6 months of bottle aging before release… brilliant and intense red violet colour.. evident aroma reminiscent of fresh plums and cherries mixed with something floral, hints of vanilla caramel and mocha.. good balance between acidity and volume.. sweet tannins…

…. I just thought it tasted nice!!!!!

.. roca malen ... malbec  (i think)

.. ruca malen ... malbec (i think)

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