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… mendoza musings


plaza in mendoza

plaza in mendoza

……after my day in the wineries and a night of horrors in hostel party central … involving a very rowdy (could they be anything else??) English rugby team …. an incredibly pissed up dorm mate (also English unfortunately) and supper with two startled sisters from Texas traumatized by the drunken shenanigans of my fellow countryman … i decamped to a little aparthotel round the corner to restore my sanity…. i was in an oasis of calm and tranquility … within spitting distance of the bars and restaurants…. and i was perfectly happy not to make any new best friends for a day or two… i was also feeling i deserved a couple of nights of comfort after managing two more nights in a shared dorm…. 

… i spent the day wandering around the town fairly aimlessly and getting lost with alarming regularity…. for some reason cities built on a grid pattern have that effect on me … and all argentine cities are like that… and they all have the same street names which is even more confusing…..

……Mendoza is a funny place …… it’s a desert town fed by mountain waters by way of irrigation ditches that run along the sides of the streets… with five tree filled plazas.. treelined streets and a park full of even more trees of all kinds… it’s like the town planners had a bit of a tree frenzy or someone overestimated on the tree order but they decided to plant them all anyway…and very close together… the initial effect is quite pleasing but after a while i started to feel more than a little bit claustrophobic…….. ….architecturally the town is quite unremarkable.. although it would have been fairly tricky to spot anything of note with all those trees.. the buildings are low slung.. generally no more than two stories.. and many painted in pretty colours…. as Argentinas third (or is it fourth….) city it certainly doesn’t have a big city feel…. and even as i strayed into the less affluent areas the architecture remained pretty much the same just a little bit more unkempt…

…. i had planned to go to the museum devoted to General José de San Martin… liberator of Argentina… but with all my aimless wandering i ran out of time and besides.. i was starting to think the sky was turning green … time for my next big scenery fix…

... plaza in mendoza... or is that the park..??

... plaza in mendoza... or is that the park..??

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