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doing it local style in Cordoba


iglesia catedral

iglesia catedral

   ….. arriving in a city at 7:00 in the morning has it’s advantages… you can spend the next two hours getting hot and sweaty looking for a hostel that is lower on the itchy scratchy scale than the one you originally booked into… without wasting too much of your day!!! which is what i found myself doing when i jumped off the bus in Córdoba

……once i got my bed sorted i went about my usual aimless wandering… investigating my new temparary home……Córdoba is an edgy city buzzing with energy…. old and new architecture shoulder to shoulder jostling for position….. the Jesuit quarter is a unesco world heritage site with some very pretty buildings surrounded by some not so pretty ones…. at first i was a bit underwhelmed with the place … couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about…. but it’s a city that quickly gets under your skin… the main square all looked a bit forlorn when i wandered around it mid afternoon on Sunday but within hours the place was jumping with people again…

pepe, sergio, me

pepe, sergio, me


….. Saturday night saw me going local dining on (yet another) asado… i think i must have eaten about three whole cows since i got here… however what was special about this one was that i was at my argentine friend (in madrid) Pablo’s best mates place… i’d sent Sergio a message in the morning saying i was in town .. did he want to meet up… And he came straight back to me with the bbq invitation on the basis that any friend of pablos was a friend of his….. i love argentine hospitality!!!! …..a very pleasant evening followed putting the world (and the argentine economy..) to rights in a humble little backyard tucked away in the Guemes district of Cordoba, with a huge barbecue…. (i was introduced to barbecued ‘chinchelines….. i preferred not to know what they were…) …  in the company of Sergio, Pepe and Mischki the dog… 

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