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…. La Cumbre

sunset la cumbre

sunset la cumbre

… i felt a little bit travel weary today…. i arrived in ‘la cumbre’ a little town two hours out of Cordoba which in high season is thriving with adventure travellers looking for thrills and spills paragliding, horseriding, biking… in low season it is …… shut… my idea was to come here to escape the city, kick back a bit and do some biking… on arrival I had what is now my standard reaction on arriving in a new place… love it for the first half an hour… wonder why the f**k i’d decided to come here for the next three hours.. then start to feel warm and fuzzy about the place as soon as i get a good scenery moment, find a fast internet connection and a large glass of wine (not necessarily in that order but if they coincide it’s a bonus!!!!)… so on Mondays in La Cumbre in low season there is only restaurant open….  it’s Thai… with live music… so i had a bit of a magic moment (even if it was a little bit surreal)… as i tucked into Thai green curry with a side order of ‘here comes the sun’

…..the sniffles i’d had earlier in the day halfway up the hill to see the 7m statue of Jesus (you do these things when you have a lot of free time ok …) feeling sorry for myself just because i had no-one to share the disgustingly beautiful bloodred sunset with melted away in no time and now i’m looking forward to my day of horseriding and mountain biking tomorrow… its a masterstroke… you horseride up the hill and mountainbike back down it!!!

… as a post script as i could find no other way of tying this comment into this blog.. there are a lot of old cars in La Cumbre…. well… in Córdoba for that matter….and the biggest concentration of fiat 600’s i have ever seen in my life!!!

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