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……what next??

… so i’m faced with a bit of a dilemma… i now have a couple of new different options to finish off my adventure…. i can continue going north as planned and ‘do’ Salta, Jujuy and the waterfalls of Iguazu….. or i could head back into Chile and hook up with my new best American friend (friendships are short lived, built on bugger all  and very intense when you are travelling) ….in San Pedro de Atacama before crossing (or not…) the salt flats of Bolivia in a jeep… or i could take advantage of my new best Brazilian friends offer of a beach house in Florianopolis…

…….Logistically both require a lot of planning … the Chile/Bolivia option involves at least two days solid of bus travel…. yet i’m treating it like a decision between going to my local pub, a wine bar and a night on the town… but how often do these opportunities present themselves?….. at the moment the Chile/Bolivia option is the most attractive simply because going to Bolivia is something i wouldn’t even consider doing on my own…. also … two days on a bus is two days of not having to think about anything….. which in itself is total relax and recuperation (so long as I get the right Chilean bus company)….

… im going to sleep on it… so long as i’m back in buenos aires by about 24th of may i’m good… i have the possibility of seeing BsAs (as the locals call it) from my good friend Tommy’s cousin’s ‘dirty boat’ (his words not mine’) which i don’t want to miss.. and i also want to see Tommys mum & dad while i’m there… other than that my plans are fluid…. oh and i want to try and skip across to Colonia in Uruguay too… (am i asking too much…???)  decisions decisions …. life is just too tough sometimes!!!

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