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…. what next..??… part 2

…a strange thing happened overnight in La Cumbre…. autumn arrived… just like that…

… when i jumped off the bus on Monday it was warm & sunny,  I was in my shorts and t-shirt and i was consisering taking a dip in pool at the b&b…..there was no hint that it may do anything different.. and the stunning red sunset certainly promised a perfect day for my horse riding/mountain biking adventure ….(just goes to show that the old saying about red sky at night is a load of old twaddle!!)…

…. so when i woke up Tuesday to the sound of rain beating down and no signs of it letting up any time soon.. i realized i had two options…. hot foot it back to the noise, bustle and chaos of Córdoba … or stay put and do nothing…. i chose the latter…. and there really is nothing to do in La Cumbre off season in bad weather…. but it was exactly what i needed… i realized that i’d hardly given myself a breather in this trip and it had pretty much caught up with me… i was so tired that even if i had chosen to go back to Córdoba i don’t think i could have mustered up the energy to decide which minibus to get back never mind get myself down to the minibus station half a kilometer
away… i think i had been in a state of delerium the night before when i had been considering a two day bus journey up to San Pedro de Atacama just because i didn’t want to miss out on seeing it… (i still haven’t accepted the fact that i’m not invincible and i can’t do everything…. nor do i live in a different time/space continuum to the rest of the human species and there really only are 24 hours in a day to do everything..)

… so yesterday i pretty much involuntarily ground to a halt… and it did me the world of good… i had a siesta AND still managed to sleep 10 hours (double my average) which means that today i at least had enough uummph to get back to Córdoba… and start planning my offensive on Salta and Jujuy… but at a more relaxed pace maybe….

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  1. jacks

    What happened to the beach house?????? La Cumbre sounds very nice and all that but…

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