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Che Museum

Che Museum

…. so, almost completely recouperated after two really big sleeps I finished off my foray into the central sierras with a brief sojourn out to Alta Gracia…. a little town set in undulating hills about an hour or so to the south west of Cordoba…. there are really only two things to do here… visit the 17th century Jesuit estancia which has a pretty little church attached… that took all of about five minutes as the museum was closed….i knew it would be so the disappointment factor was low… the other attraction is Che Guevera’s old family home which is now a museum dedicated to his life… and i have to say it was a most enlightening experience…..

… i have to admit i was fairly ignorant about Che before i visited the museum… yes we all know the iconic Korda image of him which has sold a million t-shirts worldwide…(he would turn in his grave at the thought)….. but apart from a bit about his journeys through south america on a motorbike (Norton 500 by the way …) and his involvement with Castro and Cuba i knew very little else … i learned a hell of a lot more about his life which in itself was fascinating….but what really touched me were his letters to his family and excerpts from his diaries…and the eloquence and sensitivity with which he wrote them …. even the letter he wrote to Castro informing him of his decision to disengage himself from his involvement with Cuba was written with such great compassion and diplomacy… it’s not something you would necessarily expect from a revolutionary involved in guerilla warfare and it does make you wonder what would have happened if his life hadn’t been cut short…

… i headed back to Cordoba in a pensive mood adding ‘read up a bit more on Che’ to the ever growing list of things to do when i get back to the real world…. i’m never going to have time to work at this rate….

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