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hostel highs and lows … part 2

…. i have finally stopped giving myself a hard time about not fully embracing the whole hostel thing… my name is Verity and I am hostel hostile…. i’ve been lucky… i’ve stayed in some really nice ones, but i have walked straight out of almost as many because the urge to scratch has been almost overpowering…. and i discovered my scratchometer is fairly accurate when talking to Mel the manic german (she made me look laid back folks…. and that’s saying something) in Cordoba.  She had stayed at the one i’d walked out of when i first arrived in the city…. And she’d had the dubious pleasure of having to fumigate and deflea the entire contents of her rucksack… and this is a hostel that lonely planet describes as spotlessly clean!! …. but saying that… a cockroach has just strolled past me as write this having just tucked into my dinner in one of the better restaurants recommended by lonely planet in Salta…. upps make that two cockroaches…. ah well so long as it’s not dengue carrying mozzies i suppose it’s ok…

…. so back to the hostels,  however you go about booking your fleapit for the night.. be it via the guidebooks, other peoples recommendations or the various hostel booking websites… every opinion is totally subjective.. and its tricky to get it right … if a hostel is rated with a 98% fun factor then you are pretty much guaranteed a game of naked twister at 2 in the morning if thats what floats your boat (for the record…. no i didnt) … but usually these places are located centrally and close to restaurants should you (shock horror) want escape the perpetual party and dine alone… which when you are a little girl travelling on your own puts you between a rock and a hard place….

….i’ve pretty much found a happy medium staying in private rooms in lively (but not too big) hostels which means if i want to meet other travellers i can without getting too closely acquainted with their bathroom habits.. and I can still escape to the sanctuary of my own space if I need to….

….. but in Salta i decided to treat myself in and booked myself into a delightful little boutique hotel…. and it’s the same price as ive been paying for a private room in a hostel… and it’s just been renovated and everything is modern and new and it’s got a lovely quilt that has no nylon content whatsoever on the bed and big fluffy towels….. and a tv and, and, and its bliiiiissss!!!

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