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La Pacha Mama

Quebrada de Cafayate

Quebrada de Cafayate

…..La Pacha Mama (mother earth) figures heavily in the culture of the indigenous people of salta and jujuy provinces (which accounts for about 90% of the population) .. and la pacha mama was having a field day when she got here… after creating the breathtaking beauty of the south of Argentina and the soul soothing serenity of the lakes, mother nature put on her party pants and went and painted the town red, and orange, and yellow, and green… the marble cake mountains around Mendoza and Aconcagua were just preliminary sketches for the masterpiece that tops off the north west corner of Argentina.

There was a whole lot more ‘o’ level physical geography going on when all of this scenery was thrown up over the last 250 million years… And I’ve spent the last three days running the length and breadth of the two provinces that curl around one another and tuck themselves in next to Bolivia and Chile getting to see it all up close and personal, surreal rock formations, natural amphitheaters, salt flats and the most vivid colours you can possibly imagine.

… And it’s not just the scenery… la pacha mama was clearly onto her



third gin and tonic of the night when she created the llama … these animals are quite mad, even the wild ones pose for the camera. They have ridiculously long eyelashes which they flutter continuously and a natural underbite which makes them look as if they are always smiling and saying ‘hey there….i’m a llama, i’ve got a cute face but i am completely unaware of how woolly and ungainly the rest of my body is…. and i taste nice!!!!’

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