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on the home strait

… well after 26 hours on the bus, countless ham & cheese sandwiches, four awful films (almost as cheesy as the sandwiches) and .. NO WINE .. but yes there was bingo… i finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu, the very northeast tippety tip of Argentina which meets with Paraguay and Brazil where the rivers Parana and Iguazu converge…

.. my mobile phone has gone into a bit of a tailspin because you only have to move 5 yards here and it switches operator.. from one country to the other..

….i’m here (like every other tourist and his dog) to see the Iguazu Falls… although i have been warned it’s more of a trickle at the moment due to the complete lack of rainfall recently.. we shall see.. the one thing i have managed to do today is wander up to aforementioned tippety tip of the town to take the token tourist snap of each country!!

.. yet again the landscape has changed dramatically.. from the dust and aridness ( or is it aridity?) of the north west .. it’s all a bit lush and junglified here.. it’s hot and humid.. and the hostels have swimming pools!!!.. and this afternoon i skipped over to the sister hostel of the one i’m staying at for a massage… (all of a sudden i’m starting to like hostels) my body had pretty much taken on the permanent form of an Andesmar bus seat.. and i needed a bit of pampering…

… back to the bus journey… these long haulers really aren’t bad… especially if you go ‘coche cama’ class… you’ve got buckets of room (nothing like being on an aeroplane) and the seat almost fully reclines … i’ve worked out that seat number six is the optimum seat… it’s a single seat so there’s no one to climb over and no one climbing over you and you don’t have to crane your neck to watch the film… ive found the forced naval gazing is extremely therapeutic… you almost take on a bit of a zen like state usually just before you start dribbling and knocking your head on the window (unless of course you are armed with your inflatable neck pillow which allows you to avoid both embarrasments .. but you still look like a bit of a dork when using it)…i’ve met some really interesting people on these buses too so i’m actually a bit sad this was my last bus journey today.. i decided to fly back to buenos aires from iguazu because time is running out and i  just couldn’t afford another 17 hour bus trip…

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