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la garganta del diablo falls... iguazu national park

la garganta del diablo falls... iguazu national park

.. i can quite happily report that the Iguazu Falls haven’t dried up… nor is trickle a word that iwould use to describe them…. i’ve spent the last couple of days looking at them from every angle from the various trails and walkways around the iguazu national park and they really do defy description.. the sheer magnitude and power of them is something to behold…once more I am overdrawn in the adjective bank and my photos fail to capture the scale…

… but the park is so much more than than just the falls…. while the thundering cascades give themselves a rapturous applause there is a whole load of nature going on on the trails… on the furry side you have everything from monkeys to coatis ( a kind of raccoon) with a couple of big cats thrown in if you are lucky enough to spot them …. oh and a weird rodent thing with a big fat arse and long hind legs ( yep I’ve forgotten the name of it and i’m not connected to wikipedia right now). … feathered friends include toucans and humming birds.. both of which i saw but wasn’t quick enough to capture with the camera…. and then there is a whole battery of bugs, spiders and the most amazing variety of butterflies i have seen in my life… rainbow coloured and in huge quantities… they dance in front of you, lining your path making you feel like you are in some kind of magical fairy tale.. they sit on your shoulder, your rucksack, your boob …your camera ( just to tease you) prodding and probing everything with their proboscii… (or is it their proboscises…?)  i have discovered the macro function on my camera in the last couple of days and then proceeded to use and abuse it to the max….

pretty blue butterfly

pretty blue butterfly

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