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iguazu part 2

approach to 'la garganta del diablo'

approach to 'la garganta del diablo'

….another hostelling hazard that i haven’t yet mentioned is the tourist trip tout… most hostels are on commission to sell whatever trips and tours that are available  in the surrounding area… and in some cases if you have a short space of time and a lot of distance to cover these trips are a necessary evil… you have to make do with bus window photos and somebody elses idea as to when the bus should stop to take the best picture (it NEVER EVER coincides with my point if view… i am so not interested in having the same foto as the 4937 tourists who have passed by this spot in the last few weeks, i can buy the postcard if necessary.. but try convincing the tour guide that sometimes the best view is the one behind you….)

…. up until now i have more or less got it right but when i arrived at my hostel in iguazu i either had the word ‘sucker’ (invisible to me) tattooed across my forehead or i was so deleriously happy to rediscover the use of my limbs after a whole day on a bus i would have parted with pesos for pretty much anything…. so long as there was a hot shower and a bit of a sleep somewhere on the horizon…. 

… so somehow on my first day in Iguazu National Park i found myself on a 12 minute boat trip and ended up VERY VERY wet as the boat proceeded to pass underneath (not once .. but twice) one of the waterfalls … i foolishly thought i would get few additional Kodak moments by doing this trip … and even when i saw people disembarking the previous boat looking like drowned rats i wasn’t overly alarmed as i even more foolishly thought my trusty waterproofs would save me from the worst… how silly was that??  (i do love my unwavering optimism sometimes…!!)… underneath a waterfall, the water reaches places you didn’t even know you had places… and what i can’t understand is why people think this is FUN… you can’t see anything.. you get wet and then you spend the rest of the day squishing and squelching all over the place… throw in a bit of thigh chaffing and the whole experience is far from pleasant …and some people part with even more pesos to buy the DVD….. needless to say as soon as i climbed off the boat i quickly bypassed the man trying to sell me my commemorative photo/dvd/mug/ashtray/panpipes and went to find the nearest place i could to go and make a star shape and try and dry out as quickly as possible, impossible in this humidity…  so it was about six hours later when i finally got back from the park and managed to peel off my sticky sweaty clothes….

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