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back in Bs As

…….my arrival in Buenos Aires this time was highlighted, like my departure seven weeks ago with a very entertaining taxi ride… I have heard it said several times over on my trip that the porteños ( people from buenos aires) are Italians who speak Spanish and think they are English… I don’t know how true this is but Claudio my taxi driver who picked me up from the airport…definitely wasn’t letting his Italian roots go… looking like a sidekick to Don Corleone he spent the entire journey giving me his life story, I must have been wearing my best ‘tell me everything’ face because in the space of 20 minutes I got his view on Argentine politics, Argentine women, love, life, the universe punctuated by a lot of bashing of the steering wheel and the occasional ‘what do you think Verity?? .. I am saying your name right aren’t I Verity?? if you don’t want to talk Verity just say so..Verity …or if you like we can talk about something else … I am saying your name right arent I Verity’… before launching into his next tirade…somewhere in all of this he managed to squeeze in the fact that, before he lost it all in 2001 (money, friends, hot chicks) he had the only Dodge Viper in Argentina ( it was red by the way)…

….having managed to utter about three words in the entire journey I parted company with Claudio telling me how much he had enjoyed my company   ‘… not all my passengers want to talk so much Verity… it’s been a pleasure for me too Verity .. I am. saying your name right aren’t I Verity… Verity, Verity ciao ciao enjoy Buenos Aires’

…. I was still chuckling to myself as a checked into The Art Factory hostel ( the place I stayed when I arrived)…. and my smile only got bigger when I discovered they had given me the funkiest room of them all….. I got the cow room!!!!   102_2121

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