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I got Tangoed

…… not for the first time on this trip did something quite unexpectedly moved me to tears…

milonga... buenos aires

.. one of the things i wanted to make sure i did before i left Argentina was to see a bit of tango .. and I had two options… go to the full blown ‘espectaculo’ and pay lots of pesos for the pleasure… or do it local style and take myself off to a ‘milonga’…

….. so on my last afternoon I found myself sitting at a table on the edge of the dancefloor in ‘Confiteria Ideal’ one of Buenos Aires oldest dancehalls watching the locals practice their steps … think Al Pacino in the film ‘Scent of a Woman’ …but a bit more warts and all… one of the ladies was wearing the most raucous pair of leopard print leggings i have seen in my life!!! and a young man  swept past in his converse allstars grasping the waist of a woman at least three times his age… the film was perhaps up until now about my only reference point for the tango.. but even without Al Pacino the dance doesn’t loose any of it’s enchantment…

.. the dance itself has to be one of the most sensual and intimate i have ever seen and as the couples move along cheek to cheek you can’t help being mesmerized by their moves as they glide across the floor deep in concentration as they try to find harmony and synchronize their steps.. and when they do get in sync it really is poetry in motion.. 102_2162

… So for some reason all of this is made the tears roll down my face… (not a good look in a public place) it wasn’t the red wine because I filled up before I even had a sip, maybe it was the melancholy music.. it transports you back to a bygone era when things were so much simpler and everything had it’s place.. or maybe it was because i was heading home and facing reality… i don’t know… all i know is i’m awfully glad i went…

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