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….. don’t cry for me Argentina

…. aaarrrggghhh..!! I made it all the way to the end before i crumbled and used this for a blog title…. but given that i spent the last couple of days of my trip sniffling at every given opportunity i just couldn’t resist… if North Face and Kleenex could get together and do some kind of marketing campaign for Argentina… I would be their woman… i cried quite a lot and in some very strange places, but on packing up my rucksack for the last time i howled my eyes out….

….before i set out on my adventure everyone said to me that the time i had would not be enough and that i would want to go back… how right they were and how right they were…. one month or five it will never be enough to fully explore such an amazing country, and i would hop on a plane back there tomorrow without a second thought or a backward glance… i would do the whole circuit again.. stopping off longer in some places .. and just calling to say ‘hi’ in others.. and i would go see the places i didn’t manage to get to… i really only scratched the surface in what was a whistle stop tour of a HUGE and extremely diverse country…. and when i look back at what i managed to cram into those seven and a half weeks it’s no wonder i’m feeling just a little bit tired… i honestly don’t know how some people manage to keep going on these year long backpacking adventures… my trip was small fry compared to many… but everyone i spoke to who was doing a ’round the world’ or a full south american adventure seemed to get a new lease of life when they hit Argentina and without exception they had it in their top 3 of countries visited…

but it isn’t just the scenery…… my perception of Argentina also changed quite dramatically the more i people i talked to and the more i saw of the country…. once you get out of the sugar coated, goretex wearer funded south and head further north … you really start to see the real Argentina, the day to day struggle to make a reasonable living… the fact that even for your average educated person with a reasonable job there is very little spare cash to go round, and many supplement their incomes with a second or third string to their bow just to be able to afford the things that i have certainly taken for granted…. There are lots of things wrong with Argentina, none of which i am informed enough to make an educated comment about… however you talk to any local about the current global economic crisis and most will shrug their shoulders and tell you that this kind of crisis happens pretty much every six or seven years in there, they are used to it and they know they will get through it just like the last time… and they tell you this with a big smile on their face whilst sharing their ‘mate’ drink with you on the bus.. or whilst taking you on a private tour round Buenos Aires just because you are a friend of a friend …. or whilst cooking you a mega asado having only just met you for the first time that morning…. and that’s what made this whole experience so so special…

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  1. Hi Verity , I like your writing style , its very readable and better late than never with the comment ! I agree with you that you have to be careful you dont let it become an obsession and \i am sure you run out of things to say if you are away a year , but lets see cheers Iain

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