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trying to wrap up ….. but the words just keep coming

.. as everybody knows I live by the code of ‘why use a sentence when a paragraph will do’ and abbreviation is not a word i am overly friendly with …. given those two basic facts it shouldn’t surprise me so much that i’ve stuck with the blog all the way… considering i was in two minds about it at first… nor how much i’ve enjoyed doing it… not once has it felt like a chore or an obligation … although getting the fotos uploaded did prove a challenge at times… .nor has it really bothered me if people have read it or not… i am so used to wittering away to myself…, (quietly.. obviously.). the fact that anybody may be ‘listening’ is almost incidental ….in a way the blog became as much a part of the journey as the journey itself…  and i use the word journey advisedly… i have never seen this trip as a holiday… although it could be said it was a holiday from real life…  it was most definitely a journey, because there was never a final destination……

….in the end there are many posts that didn’t make the final cut and i had to start getting ruthless about what i wrote about otherwise i would have spent even more time in cafes/drunk even more red wine (gets the creative juices flowing you know!!!) than i did .. and i wouldn’t have actually got out and seen the scenery/met people…as it is i have a roll call of over 70 people, that i can give you at least 3 basic facts about, that i’ve met over the past seven and a half weeks, i’ve slept in 19 different beds, spent more than 5 days solid on buses, blubbed on more inopportune occasions that i care to remember…eaten somewhere in the region of three whole cows (including bits i really don’t want to know about) and several kilos of pasta/pizza/alfajores… and i don’t even want to think about the quantity of wine i have drunk….

i remember saying at the beginning of this journey that the idea of doing a blog seemed self indulgent, but at the end of the day this whole adventure has been extremely self indulgent… how many of us get the chance at the age of 40 to run away and stare at mountains for a couple of months without a care in the world … ok i haven’t got a job, a man, nor do i have a clue about what my next move will be, and in the next month i will be technically homeless…. i.e. of no fixed abode… and yet i am feeling surprisingly upbeat about it… it’s really very liberating when you have precious little else of the big stuff to loose… and you have nothing to define you (wife, girlfriend, mother, salesperson, manager, volvo driver…) i have my health (more or less… although my liver might disagree) and miraculously only a kilo more on each bum cheek, and materially i have a hell of a lot more than many of the people i met on my travels…. i consider myself extremely blessed …… blessed enough to be thinking about the next adventure….. ??

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