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…..starting over

… in about two weeks time i’ll be moving out of my flat and will be oficially homeless …my stuff is going to my ex house to be stored in my ex studio.. and i will most likely stay there for a while too while i work out what my next move will be…. at the moment running away again seems to be the best option… but deciding where to go is proving to be very very tricky..

… so i’m having a bit of a practice run this weekend… staying up at the ex house looking after the ex dogs while the ex husband is away in Le Mans on his annual boys weekend… and i feel like i am living on a live episode of how clean is your house .. i fully expect ( or is it wishful thinking??) kim & aggie to burst through the front door brandishing mops and cloths and all manner of industrial cleaning equipment… ready to do battle with the giant furball/dustmonster that has accumulated over the last 3 years

… the ex has tried bless him… i know him well enough to know that his efforts to clean up really were his best shot and that no matter how many times i point out the oncoming onslaught of furballs.. he just doesn’t see them… it’s a kind of acute dust and furball blindness that he has…

… so the first couple of nights i chose to overlook the special dog fur rug that was quietly residing underneath my bed… deciding to test the feng shui theory that a bit of fluff under the bed can give off good energy and sometimes you shouldn’t touch it (another bit of trivia i read somewhere and have dredged up from the darkest recesses of my brain)… and the theory seemed to be working as i slept really well the first two nights… then last night i didn’t sleep at all… and i was so wrecked i didn’t have the energy to crawl out of bed to go biking this morning (by my standards, if it stops me going biking then it really is serious…) … and when i finally did shoehorn myself out somewhere around midday … i went on an offensive against the furball … in ‘my’ room at least…cleaning the room from top to bottom emptying cupboards and drawers of mainly my own stuff… the room has hardly been touched since i left three years ago…. and in amidst my blitz i discovered a five euro note folded up in a bunch of receipts at the bottom of the drawer… which just goes to show … where there’s muck there’s money!!!

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  1. Mike

    Fur now, they\’re gone, but the furballs will be back, oh yes! I furmly believe that.

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