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packing my life away

…. one of the disadvantages of having time to spare to pack your life away is that you also have a lot of time to reminisce… on previous moves (and there have been quite a few..) i have been literally shoving things into boxes as they have loaded into the van… or i have even paid people to pack away my posessions… but this time it’s just little old me and a lot of boxes..and i have run the gamut of emotions while sorting my life into these boxes, the majoritiy of which will be filed under ‘to be opened at a later date.. sometime in the future but not quite sure when’… and each box has a sub label reminding me what is in there and it’s last geographical location in my flat.., because i’ve realized in the last few days that about 90% of my posessions that have followed me round over the years have surrounded me like some kind of comfort blanket but i have paid little or no heed to them in all that time…. so now with time on my hands i have opened a pandora’s box of memories hiding in the smallprint of all my worldly goods

…take the books for example… we all know that books tell a story, impart information … but they are also an important chronicle of where we were in our lives when we bought them… staring at my bookshelves the other night i realized that a large part of my collection of books charts the history of a series of failed projects, grand ideas that came to nothing or things that just never quite grabbed me from the start… to give you an idea i have numerous books on the following subjects: personal training, interior design, gardening, flower arranging and e:mail marketing to name a few… not to mention various self help books… unsurprisingly there are only a couple of (inherited i think) cookbooks … for once i knew that project was doomed from the start…

… i could beat myself up about these failed projects and grand ideas that never saw the light of day but as i work out what colour my parachute is whilst going in search of my own north star... i can congratulate myself on the fact that i can, (in latin… for what it is worth), name most of the muscles in my body, i know my shakers from my arts and crafts, can identify numerous types of rose and can make a great christmas centrepiece whilst hyperlinking to my hearts content….

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