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once more unto the breach

… OK so that was actually a battle cry ( taken from Bill Shakespeare’s Henry V – don’t you just love Wikipedia … of course I’m not that literate), but I kinda liked it as the opening title for the next adventure…

So why South Africa…? to be honest I’m not really sure why, especially as since I booked the flight all anybody has managed to tell me is how dangerous it is so I have subsequently spent the last month shitting myself about the trip.

Initially I really wanted to hotfoot it back to South America and ‘do’ Colombia, Peru and Bolivia after my amazing initiation into independent travel in Argentina and Chile, but decided to park that idea for the time being and do something completely different. So with family in Durban, some of whom I havent seen for 35 years, and the prospect of gaping in awe at/finding suitable superlatives for, even more big scenery (I’ve downloaded a dictionary/thesarus application onto the iPod, so I should hopefully come up with a few good ones) … i decided to continue with my Austral adventures. I also needed an excuse to buy a digital SLR camera and shooting big game (in the photographic sense obviously) fitted the bill perfectly… in my own little pretend world I’m convinced that one day I will be of National Geographic calibre… without ever having properly worked out how to use the damn thing!!

So this trip is going to be a bit different… for starters for the first two weeks I’m on an organized overland thing taking in Kruger National Park, Swaziland and the Drakensburg mountains which means I have to be friends with the same people for a whole 15 days…. and I can’t just up and leave when the mood takes me. After that I have a few days in Durban catching up with family and friends, and it’s only in the last three weeks that I will be making it up as I go along as I head down the coast to Cape Town on the Baz Bus.. and all being well im going to be working a bit (allbeit unpaid) on this trip, gathering information and doing a bit of groundwork for a project that i have been invited to be a part of… watch this space….

I have no idea how regularly I’m going to be able to update the blog, the first ten days it will be nigh on the impossible as I’m going to be in some pretty remote places and I’m sure lions have little need for wifi… but hey … I’ll scribble my ruminations away to my hearts content and post as and when I get the chance… can’t say fairer than that!!

… oh and the photos will come later… so far I’ve not really seen that much… so you’ll have to make do with the nice pics of Argentina on the flickr link…

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