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The wrong trousers ….. again!!

There is something about packing for a trip in 40 degree heat that makes you put all the wrong things in your case.. even though you know it’s winter in the southern hemisphere.. and especially if you have just been there and suffered the merciless extremes of the elements… even though you have been checking the local weather forecasts for the past month and even though you have heeded every bit of friend’s advice.. there is a pychological tripswitch after spending nearly two months in the infernal heat of a madrid summer that makes you reject any item of clothing that brings you out in a sweat (but not a cold one) by just looking at it, and forget just what it feels like to be cold… I have no idea what I was thinking as I packed but I somehow managed to convince myself that layering vests and shorts would keep me warm and i left behind almost every bit of clothing that I will need for at least the first two weeks of this trip..

… so needless to say as I stepped on south african soil for the very first time and an extremely fresh wind whipped my face, my first thought was ‘shit…. I need to go shopping’ … a mantra I repeated several times over during the course of the first day as I realized just how much of a luxury central heating is here… God I was spoiled in Argentina!!!! …despite the warmth of my hosts and fellow guests at Bobs Bunkhouse I spent my first night fully clothed and under two duvets and three blankets before decamping a day early to the (heated) hotel where my trip departs from… sometimes throwing money at the problem is the only option…

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  1. Tim Vincent

    Cool! I loved Africa in general so will enjoy travelling South Africa through you. And remember, it’s not the lions you have to outrun, it’s the slowest person in the group… 😉 Enjoy Verity! I’m back working and jealous!! x

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