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Kruger and the Big Five… part II

.. the big treat came on the second day with the (stupidly) early morning game drive. Wrapped up in 43 layers of clothing and snuggled into our sleeping bags we set off before sunrise in an open sided truck to see what we could see…

.. an hour in and i discovered just how quickly i could move whilst zipped into a sleeping bag as a lion strolled nonchalantly up the road in front of our truck before heading back into the bush.. nonchalant being the equivalent of warp speed when you are simultaneously trying to manoevre your sleeping bag AND get your camera focused and on the right setting… maybe a safari isn’t the best time to get to grips with the manual settings on an SLR. Needless to say my pics of Leo are somewhat blurred and underexposed and I don’t think i got his best side but hey ho… he was a pretty impressive beast!!

.. but what i lost out on with Mr. Lion, i more than made up for with Mr. Leopard.. and in the grand scheme of things spotting a leopard (excuse the pun although if i am going to be pedantic they are rosettes not spots) is a much bigger deal as they are such solitary creatures… and in a park that covers 2.2 million hectares (about the size of Wales) not including Mozambique and 3.3 million if you do.. although i don’t think the animals really care which country they are in…, there are about 3000 lions and about 2000 leopards.. larebe 359

so imagine just how much of a treat it was to find ourselves spending the best part of half an hour just after sunrise watching a leopard wait patiently to see if the two lions that had chased him from his freshly caught prey were going to leave him any scraps.. we had missed all the action by only a couple of minutes but just the spectacle of seeing one so close and be able to observe him for so long was good enough for me…. and of course it is caught on camera on every possible setting available!!


  1. Erica

    You’re making me jealous. I’m the lazy unemployed sort…. My excursions have been so far limited to the Costa Brava (no lions but I did meet a pig or two). I’ll keep checking back to hear about your safari. Sounds great!!!

  2. Caroline Atkinson

    Love the piccies – just to say happy happy birthday for today auntie v…..I’m still cooking, no news as yet just feel like I’m getting close to bursting point and possibly you should be taking pictures of me in the bath as some sort of ‘spotted in Cornwall, the only hippo in captivity’….Anyways hope you have a fantastic b’day get your big six and enjoy a sundowner or 2 later. Big love chicken .xxxxxxx

  3. Roger

    Sorry, just remembered that I didn’t send you a Happy Birthday message.
    Sounds like you are having a great time. All ok here, as boring as ever. One bit of bad news, the ovlov has finally gone, it let me down big time one eveniing after work and never recovered. I have now replaced it with a newer, bigger one. I am just going for my lunchtime bottle of Rioja which hopefully will keep me going for the rest of the day.
    Anyway, hope you are enjoying your trip and hope you had a great day on your birthday, Luv Rog xx

  4. Tim Vincent

    It’s great that you saw a leopard! I was lucky enough to see one too in Zambia, but my shots came out a little blurry. Pah! Cameras! Hope you’re having a great time out there. Seeing your shots and reading your blog make me want to go again!!!

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