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Animal Crackers

.. … so with four of the big five ticked off the list only mr. rhino was proving elusive… but all the same by any standards we had had a pretty productive couple of days.. . and back at camp after the early morning game drive we had yet another magical moment as we sipped down coffee on the restaurant terrace overlooking the river. We could have been extras in a BBC wildlife documentary (in fact as time went on the behaviour of certain members of our group would have warranted a documentary all on its own!!) as a herd of elephants strolled past (this time at a much more comfortable distance), and a couple of bad hair day buffalo trundled around in the reeds below as a family of hippos basked alongside the crocs on the riverbank opposite us and baboons chased impala just for fun.

… But if you fail to be impressed by the sheer majesty of the big boys you have no choice but to marvel at the mad/bad design of some of the other animals that roam the park… Giraffes just made me giggle as they flutter their eyelashes coquettishly and wrap their unfeasibly long tongues around the leaves of the trees to feed themselves, all the grace of their gainly gait is lost as they splay their front legs to get low enough to drink from the watering holes. …the warthog was also somewhere at the back of the practical design queue as he kneels on his front legs to get to the juicier parts of the grass and he looks nothing short of comical as he runs with his tail straight up in the air (surely that can’t be very aerodynamic)…. Hyenas really do appear to be sneering at you and there really only exists one word to describe vultures…. Ugly!!

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