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Catching up

There is something remarkably frustrating about writing a couple of blog posts offline and have them disappear into the ether when you finally find a wifi connection to upload them … this has to be the 2009 version of ‘the dog ate my homework ‘ but unfortunately it is true….

So instead of trying to regurgitate my (at the time) inspired musings I’ll do my best to sum up the last couple of weeks in a couple of short paragraphs… difficult as I have seen so much… So here we go …most of these will need wikipediaing for visuals (except perhaps no.10 … but its ok i have my own photographic evidence for that one!!!) but I’m working with basic resources right now

1. ticked off the last of the big five… the rhino (smiley and wearing an oversized tunic… check out any pic of a rhino you’ll see what I mean)
2. got blasé about seeing giraffes and zebras etc… but the ox picker birds that live off the zebras tics will always make me smile because they look like a five year old has drawn them (ditto.. pic)
3. feel completely humbled when visiting a typical Zulu village with no running water but kids who will walk ten kilometers to school every day (even on a Sunday)
4. Marvel at the arrogance of my forefathers when visiting the Zulu battlefields…
5. Survive the untelevised version of ‘Big Brother’ on wheels… 14 days in cramped conditions in ‘Princess’ the trusty Toyota Hi-ace, hotbed of human emotions and testy tempers with 9 (at the start of the adventure) complete strangers… ages ranging from 16 to 47
6. spend 5 days catching up on 35 years with a cousin who i havent seen since Queen were no. 1 with Bohemian Rhapsody
7. experience first hand the harsh realities of life in a Durban township
8. marvel at the resience of the human spirit when visiting Robben Island, ex leper colony and home to thousands of political activists (including Nelson Mandela) during the apartheid years
9. climb a mountain
10. see a Spanish man knit

… so taking all of this into account it should be no surprise that my head is a shed and I need to go to bed ….
and be ready to catch the ‘BazBus’ and go watch whales tomorrow….

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