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Weathering the weather

I have to say I was quite proud of myself as I got back into the backpacking vibe in capetown… I bit the bullet and booked myself straight into a shared mixed dorm… deciding it was about time I faced my cohabiting demons .. I was also trying to save a bit of money as I hadn’t factored so many shuttles/taxis into my budget… even in the safer cities you cant really do much lone meandering… and South Africa is not the free wifi wonderland that South America is.. (I promised myself I wouldn’t compare but it is impossible.. I set the bar high with Argentina..)

So I was almost disappointed to find myself alone in my dorm the first two nights… until I realized it meant I had not one but four hot water bottles to warm my bed up… slightly uncomfortable but ever so cozy!!

In the last four weeks i have been hot, cold, wet, dry, blown away… sometimes all in the same day, especially in Cape Town… and in Hermanus I left a puddle in a restaurant as my clothes dripped dry after getting caught in a ridiculous scooby doo rain downpour whilst trying to do a spot of whale watching …(it was too wet even for them!!!) but mostly Ive been cold.. and despite my emergency shopping expedition at the start of the trip there are days when I just haven’t been able to get warm regardless of how many layers of clothing I’m wearing… its amazing how much you take central heating for granted…and it’s not like the temperatures are sub zero.. it’s just the kind of cold that penetrates the bones

…. as I write this I’m sat in front of a roaring fire in the backpacker (thats what they call hostels here) but all I can feel is the cold draught behind me.. it won’t be the first night I go to bed fully clothed having warmed up the bedclothes with my hairdryer!!!

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