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.. for a while on this trip i was convinced that inspiration had dried up and i was suffering from blog block… the verbal vomit just wasn’t happening, the awesome adjectives were not flowing as freely as in Argentina and I was beating myself up for constantly comparing this trip to the last one..

but then it dawned on me.. the real difference apart from the abundant lack of free wifi connections  (amazing how it curbs creativity), is that i have barely been alone in all the time i have been here..  no self imposed solitary confinement or endless overnight journeys in quiet contemplation putting my thoughts together as i have gone out of my way to make sure i have had someone to do stuff with at all times… not that i was antisocial in Argentina.. i just had a lot more freedom of movement…

Wherever you go here you are reminded not to go anywhere alone.. to the point where you wonder if it is fear generating fear, they could be over egging the pudding just to avoid any kind of bad publicity… shit happens in every big city (and small town) in the world, but here the warnings are verging on the paranoic…  and to some degree it has hampered my enjoyment of what is a stunningly beautiful country with a fascinating (if at times very uncomfortable) history .. and amazing contrasts…

There is no denying that South Africa still has a long way to go to get through the hangover of her extremely complicated past, and i’m not just talking about the apartheid years… but there is some amazing stuff going on everywhere you look, not all townships are created equal and you get the sense that almost everyone wants to see this country prosper and flourish … more than anything there is a huge sense of hope at every turn….

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