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Still here

Still blogging

Despite the fact that I vowed I was going to revive the blog… I went all coy again.. not intentional, I have been rummaging around behind the scenes, but being the perfectionist that I am I hit the conscious incompetence wall and decided that what I have to say was not worthy of public consumption, sometimes I just set the bar too high!! I’m not in free flow like I was a year ago, somewhere in the melée of photos and web 2.0 I have to start making a living!!!

If I carry on scribing, one of the dilemmas I face is what language to write in, obviously I express myself better in English but my fellow bloggy sympathizers are Spanish.  What to do, what to do…

Secondly, what do I write about?? It’s one thing waxing lyrical about stunning scenery and hostile hostels whilst travelling, but what to do once the backpack is firmly packed away… is there really anyone out there who is that interested in the trials and tribulations of a female forty something twice divorced mountain biking gadget geek who is living in a foreign country and dithering about what to do for the next thirty or forty years??

Well given that I’ve embarked on a professional photography course and I’m converting all my analogue design skills to digital, if I get stuck for words (highly unlikely I feel) I can always post a photo or a recently hatched doodle

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