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Trek12… on the road to the 24Doce

.. so tomorrow I’m off to Gilena, un ‘pueblo perdido’ somewhere between Seville and Córdoba, to shoot the first in the Trek12 series of mountain bike races.  This is a series of five 12 hour mountain bike events which will culminate in the 24Doce in June.  I like to consider myself a veteran of the 24Doce as I have… ahem… ‘raced’ in it twice, the first year in a mixed team of four and the second year in an all girl team (we got silver… there were only two all girl teams!!).  Last year I ‘did’ it hiding behind the camera.  The 24Doce since it’s inception has had a bit of bad luck with the weather.. one year it was called off before it even kicked off, the year I did it with the girls it was suspended because of the treacherous weather conditions caused by a storm which set in when I was halfway round the course at 02:00… and last year, to use the word ‘mudbath’ would have been an understatement… but all this makes for interesting photos.

So tomorrow I’ll set off with thermals (-2º is forecasted) and waterproofs… and lots of ‘ilusión’ as the locals would say… and I’ll leave you with a couple of images from the 24Doce 2011

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