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The Ship Photographer

It is not without irony that I find myself going on a cruise (and a P&O one at that) with a photography project tucked (not so secretly) in my pocket! Back in January, after a seemingly endless period of going down numerous blind alleys trying… Read More

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Reality Check

So far my way of preparing for this trip has been to take the ‘ostrich strategy’ approach, treat it all like one big adventure, write about it, take pictures of it, and use humour as a coping mechanism. It’s the way we were brought up,… Read More

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Ports of Call

So the logistics of this trip are as follows… 1. Friday – Catch plane from Madrid, Spain (home for me) to Liverpool 2. Drive hire car from Liverpool to other side of country – two and a half hours away 3. Sleep at home (as… Read More

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Stereo Dementia FM

.. is the name of this blog, and I do question to some degree the political correctness of that title, but given that for two whole weeks I will have my parents’ dementia, in stereo, at the same time kidding myself that someone, somewhere might be… Read More