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Stereo Dementia FM

.. is the name of this blog, and I do question to some degree the political correctness of that title, but given that for two whole weeks I will have my parents’ dementia, in stereo, at the same time kidding myself that someone, somewhere might be tuning in, it seemed like a fitting title!

So on the one hand you have Dad, a fairly straightforward case of Alzheimer’s and going downhill steadily. Other bits of his body are getting creakier but his mind is the creakiest of all.

On the other hand you have mum.. who is a magna cum laude when it comes to matters of the mind. My earliest memory was visiting her in a psychiatric hospital when I was four years old. She hopped and skipped from one side of manic depression to the other for many of my teenage years, until they rebranded the condition as bi-polarity so she took up alcoholism instead. There were times when the two things ran in parallel too, but the alcoholism prevailed until a bad fall down the stairs (alcohol fuelled of course) and a big bang on the head knocked her mind out of whack forever.

So yes .. the name of the blog is justified.. it is how it is, the cold bare facts.. I don’t claim to be an expert on any of the above.. and don’t ever intend to be, I’m not sure having more facts really makes it any easier to deal with on a day to day basis! and this is where this whole blog thing starts.. the first few posts are like warm up laps to get my mind into writing mode again after so much time (too much time .. but I haven’t been idle).. going in cold just wouldn’t work.

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